Beyond the Ordinary

Our Services


While Extraordinary Engineering LLC has expertise in a wide variety of product catagories, we specialize in the
development of embedded systems, user interfaces and stand alone applications.  Through our many years of
experience building functionality for use in network based appliances and semiconductor equipment, we can cover
all your product engineering needs.

Embedded Devices

Extraordinary Engineering is able to facilitate the development of all aspects of embedded systems.  We have
direct experience in developing command line interfaces, GUIs, network protocol implementations, AAA services,
system configuration repositories, event/access/audit/metrics loggers, inter-appliance communication, database
storage, custom filesystems, hardware support, data compression/encryption, boot loaders/software download,
device drivers, and specialized libraries.   We are knowledgable in, and are able to integrate into your system,
many open source components, including Apache, Xerces, PostgreSQL, PHP, openSSL, openSSH, crypto, gSOAP,
PCAP, SNMP, and the ACE libraries.  We are skilled within event driven, multi-threaded, multi-cpu and
interrupt handler environments.  We have developed both kernel level and userland modules.

GUI Design

Extraordinary Engineering has the capabilty of developing user interfaces from scratch.  This includes creating
screen mockups, GUI layouts, designing user workflows, and architecting the system from GUI to middleware to
backend daemons.  We are knowledgable at single login, cookies, updating configurations, real-time application
of changes to subsystems, automatic upgrades/downgrades based on firmware version and implementing system
commands, such as system shutdown or adding AAA users.  We have implemented GUIs using Java applets/applications,
HTML, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript and custom HTTP servers.  Additionally, We are well versed in CLI implementations,
telnet, serial port support and SNMP.

Application Development

Extraordinary Engineering is adept at designing and implementing both stand alone and embedded applications.  We can
research requirements and architectural elements, create detailed design documents, implement features in a variety of
languages, develop ancillatory test jigs, and compile developer API documentation.  Our development process includes
a coding standard for maintainability, use of version control, unit testing and a release process.

Other Services

In addition to the functional areas listed above, Extraordinary Engineering has recent competency in the following areas:

  • Project Management - We are able to build software teams, schedule releases, create development processes, etc.
  • Engineering Infrastructure - We can install and configure version control, bug tracking, collaboration and build systems
  • Nightly Builds - We can create build scripts, automate status emails, etc.