Beyond the Ordinary

About Us



Extraordinary Engineering LLC has over ten years of experience developing embedded applications.  We are skilled in a
wide variety of platforms, languages, protocols, technologies and applications.   We are able to take a feature from
requirements to design to development to commercial release.   Listed below are just some of the capabilities we can
bring to your organization:


  • BSD
  • Wndows NT
  • Linux


  • C/C++
  • Java AWT/Swing
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • XML
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Visual Basic
  • Assembly

Networking Protocols:

  • GSM
  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • FTP
  • Native Exchange (MSRPC/MAPI)
  • ICAP
  • TCP/IP
  • SSL


  • Apache with OpenSSL
  • Pcap/Libnids libraries
  • ACE libraries
  • Xerces XML parser
  • PostgreSQL/MySql databases
  • Dreamweaver/Fireworks web tools
  • Perforce/Subversion SCM
  • Bugzilla/Mantis bug trackers
  • Make/Ant/Luntbuild build tools

Representative Projects:

  • Configuration daemon, storing system settings in XML files, with automatic upgrade and downgrade support,
    for use in a traffic capture appliance.
  • Daemon to store, index, search and retrieve messages for a traffic capture appliance, using PostgreSQL for
    indexing and NFS offbox storage.
  • DHTML GUI from conception to alpha, including PHP backend and configuration transport, for an embedded device.
  • Multi-boot loader and software upgrade mechanism for BSD based appliance.
  • Transparent user authentication using cookies and IP addresses.
  • TACACS+/RADIUS (AAA) packet tracing to display a splash page when an ISP user first logs in.
  • Support for sending heartbeat diagnostic messages using HTTP POST for a web caching appliance.
  • For a wafer polishing tool, a predictor to determine when to turn on pre-wetting pumps based on
    past behavior to reduce tool wait times.
  • Software tracing support, storing device activities in order to debug problems in the field.
  • Initial product design and build-up/running of engineering team for early stage startup.