Beyond the Ordinary

Our Process


First Steps

When first contacted, we will discuss your needs and ensure our experience covers the work that needs to be
performed.  We will then undertake to throughly understand your requirements for the job, then come up with an
initial estimate.  From there we will create a Work Statement to confirm the aspects of the job.   Once
the provisions are agreed upon, we start work per the Work Statement.

Work statement

For each job, we will provide a statement of work to be performed, along with the conditions associated with
the job, so that both parties can be in agreement as to what is expected.  The statement includes:

  • Detailed Description of the Work to be Performed, including
    • Feature Requirements
    • Unit Testing Requirements
    • Development Environment (OS, language, tools, etc.)
  • Schedules, including Start and End dates
  • Progress Communications (meetings, weekly status, etc.)
  • Final Deliverables (source code, documents, etc.)
  • Sign-off Criteria
  • Billing Information (hourly rates, billing cycle, agreed expenses, etc.)
  • NDA/Inventions Assignment
  • Special Provisions, if any


Unless agreed upon otherwise, we submit weekly time sheets detailing the work performed.  We also include
any expenses incurred by us that that was mutually agreed upon in the Work Statement.  Payment is normally
expected within 30 days.  Payment can be made by check, PayPal or SafePay Escrow.


If you are ever unsatisfied with our work, you can terminate our services without penalty for any reason.  You
will only be billed for work hours and expenses incurred by us up to the point of termination.  Additionally,
unless we mutually agree to extend the Work Statement, no billable work will be performed outside our agreement.

Outside Contractors

There may be times when we are unable to meet your needs, due to time constraints or lack of expertise in a
specialized area.  We may also require additional help in completing larger projects.  Extraordinary
Engineering has access to to many third party engineering professionals due to its industry contacts.  Be assured
that prior to contacting any outside contractors, we will discuss the prospect with you and get your approval.